2018 Europeans – Day 2 & 3

Superb conditions for competitors. Blue sky, clear atmosphere, strong north wind.
What a difference with the day before, where competitors had to wait two hours for some wind. The patience of organization and competitors rewarded them: late in the afternoon a 10 knots of wind
started to blow over the Tornado fleet.
Immediately in action, the race committee permitted to Tornado to start but
Giorgio BATTINELLI, the race officer was obliged to abandoned the race and sent all boats ashore as the wind dropped.

But coming back to today the 3rd day of the event we had conditions with wind from 12 to 15 knots and small waves.

GRE 7, our multi world and european champions Iordanis Paschalides and Konstantinos Trigonis still confirm their excellent performance, apart an early start at race N°4. Sailing back to the pre-start side of the line, they cleared the starting line after their opponents, finishing 7th.

Excellent day for the Swiss team 225, who finished 1st at race 3, and 2nd at race 4.
The Swiss team still keeps hopes for the title.
FRA 002 is struggling to get on the third, but is still 3 points behind AUT 377.

In the mixed it is Martin and Julia RUSTERHOLZ who stand in first place (5th overall) while Dieter MAURER and  Katrin OLDENBURG stand in second (7th overall).

The protest with protestor FRA 002 against AUT 337 was declared invalid by the International Jury as: “A Tornado has to display a red flag while racing if she wants to protest.”

Sunday will be the last day of the 2018 championship and 3 races of 40’ are again scheduled by the
race officer.



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