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Marstrom Spare Parts Now Supplied By Cat Sailing

The class now has a new supplier for Marstrom spare parts.

From this point in time Wolfgang at Cat Sailing ( will provide all spare parts which Marstrom previously did.

Please contact Wolfgang if you need any equipment, he is very helpful and we hope that the shipping costs from Germany will be more reasonable than from Sweden.

Marstrom will continue to build new boats if required and will continue to built the top quality carbon masts. They would prefer a bulk order of masts, for 5 or more if possible – if you would like a new mast then please contact the class association and we can place a bulk order.

About Andrew Dowley

Andrew was the ITA Secretary from 2010 until 2014 and is now the Chairman of the UK Class. He is also the crew onboard GBR 415 sailed from Marconi Sailing Club, Essex, UK.
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