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2015 Tornado World Championships – Day Two

The races started early for the second racing day in Carnac. The weather was a bit colder today but the first warning signal was at 11.00 as scheduled with the wind’s strength varying from 8 to 15 knots and its direction from 75 to 90 degrees.

The results after the 2nd racing day and 4 races are:

Tornado Sport


  • 1st Dany Paschalidis and Kostas Trigonis, Greece
  • 2nd Nikolaos Mavros and Alexandros Tagaropoulos, Greece
  • 3rd Roland Gaebler and Nahid Gaebler, Germany


  • 1st Roland and Nahid Gaebler, Germany
  • 2nd Jean Marc Cuanillon and Gudrun Kolb, Switzerland
  • 3rd Zdenek Pavlis and Michaela Pavlisova, Czech Republic

The Classic Tornado

  • 1st  Philippe and Pierrick Tollemer
  • 2nd  Zakarian Michel and Ialenti Jeremy
  • 3rd  Julien Laurent and Patrick Lambert

About Andrew Dowley

Andrew was the ITA Secretary from 2010 until 2014 and is now the Chairman of the UK Class. He is also the crew onboard GBR 415 sailed from Marconi Sailing Club, Essex, UK.
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