The 2016 European champions

Let’s read what the European champions , Nikolaos Mavros and Alexandros Tagaropoulos have to say..

When asked, Alexandros Tagaropoulos mentioned:
” It is never easy to win any championship, especially when a total of 10 races is sailed. You need to sail your best every day and without making mistakes or at least by making fewer mistakes than your opponents. When you start a race standing first you get an additional pressure, as every day you need to prove that you are the best.
In order to win, besides the lot of training you need to be sure of the good quality of your boat and equipment. You need to take care of even the last detail as there is where the devil hides!!

Nikos added that “It wasn’t easy to win! Because of the light, extremely light wind conditions, especially during the first days of the event, mainly the mixed crews were very fast making it hard for us to finish in the top three in every race.
At the end, we made it but I believe that even if you train a lot if it wants to happen, it will happen.
This year was very difficult and unlucky for us at the Worlds but the condition changed in Europeans.”

Alex continues: ” I have to admit that our team has been through a lot of difficulties but has also achieved great wins. We got really upset after the last World championship as we lost the place in the podium due to material failure on the last day. We deserved a medal there.
Nevertheless, we managed to overcome our bad psychological situation and in just 3 days to be ready and win┬áthe next race, the Europeans. This was really hard but that is what makes the difference between a good and a better athlete. I am very proud of our team.”

Nikos concludes: ” It was a very well-organized event, with excellent hospitality.
Thanks to all who worked for this venue and the ITA for its great job.”

They are now both looking forward to the next World championship in Thessaloniki.

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