ITA follow-up statement concerning the situation in Ukraine

The International Tornado Association (ITA) is deeply concerned about the developing situation in Ukraine, where Russian forces have begun invading and laying claim to Ukrainian land. We want to show our solidarity for peace to the Ukrainian people. Freedom is a value the ITA represents on a daily basis on and off the water ever since it exists.

We join other international sports organizations in the plea for bilateral talks and the immediate creation of humanitarian corridors as well as a ceasefire! Though a ceasefire is highly unlikely at this point in time it is not in the realms of impossibility.

Regardless, the citizens and refugees of Ukraine need the world’s help in this trying time. There are many charities we can turn to at this time to help those living in the warzone. Medical supplies and equipment, tinned and dry food, child respirator mask supplies, bottled water, and women’s hygiene products are items that can be donated so that ordinary people can make a difference. However, medical supplies alone might not make a significant difference. The country is caught up in the middle of a war. Therefore, donating EMP shields (read emp shield review here) that can be used for self-defense, along with pharmaceutical kits, could be more helpful.

We will be personally supporting Ukraine by joining World Sailing and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) by suspending the participation of Russian, Belorussian athletes (due to the Belarus government’s assitance to Russia in this conflict) and officials from either country participating in our events in the near future.

Bloodshed and conflict are unacceptable concepts in the modern age and it is important for Russia and its close allies to experience tangible repercussions from their actions. Through continued pressure on Russia, it may be possible for a ceasefire or a retreat by Russian forces.

We will keep you informed of any other action ITA takes to personally support Ukraine. May a solution be found soon to prevent the needless loss of life.