Day 3 – 2017 Europeans

Centro Vela Dervio, lake Como, Italy

22 July 2017

After the thunderstorm and a lot of rain last night a clear sky and a wind of maximum 13 knots made the ideal conditions to complete another 2 races back to back. The wind was very shifty, ranging from 160 to 200 degrees. The race comittee did an amazing job coping with these changes, considering that the depth of the lake is around 200meters!!

It was even better for the Hellenic Police team! Mavros and Tagaropoulos dominated again today, finishing 1st in both races, leading now with 6 points difference for the second one, SUI 1.

The Steiner brothers, Marcel and Joerg, SUI 1 and Martin Rusterholz – Michael Gloor, SUI 228 complete the top 3 places after scoring a second and a third each.

A damage on the spinlock for Ingo Gebhard and Benedikt Wachsmann made them retire from the second race of the day, droping them in the 4th place overall..

Jürgen and Sarah Jentsch are still leading the Mixed division. The fight will be tight tomorrow, the last day of the championship for this title as the CZE, Pavlis and Pavlisova are just 5 points behind the first and only 1 point in front of the Salzmanns.

Andrea Ciavatta, crew of the ITA 46 boat mentioned: ” It is nice to sail in my country as we are a bit more familiar with the condition and closer to our home. Today though the race was hard because of the shifts that made us score a 12th and an 8th place. Hoping for some better results tomorrow.”

Allan Gamble saying :” In the 5th race we had a perfect start which is essential for sailing on lake Como so we were 3rd for most of the race but Martin got us on the 2nd downwind. Obviously we are very pleased with our speed but we should keep up with the wind better. The 6th race…. hero to zero in 3.5sec which is how much too early we were for the start. OCS! Oops! Apologies to all those boats that we created catastrophy including Nick and Alex. From SML (Stone Motherless Last) we chased the fleet and peeked up 3 boats per lap trying very hard but it was very difficult as everybody has good speed and the wind conditions are tricky. Lake Como lives up to every expectation with challenging sailing conditions! ”

Last day tomorrow!

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