2020 Czech Republic Tornado Nationals

Report from the International Czech Championship of the Tornado class
June 12-14, 2020

From June 12 to 14, 2020, eleven Czech teams and one team from Germany participated in the International Czech Championship on the Tornado catamaran.

This was the first international Tornado class race after a long break due to measures taken against Covid 19.

The championship was a success. Nine out of twelve planned races took place in three days. The regatta management only create the lane for the Tornado class, they built it well, so thanks to that races had a quick flow and the participants were always racing and not standing. The races lasted 30-40 minutes, three laps were driven. Races included interesting moments on the starting line, at buoys and at the finish line. The participants enjoyed the race and had a long discussion about the individual phases of the race in the evening events. Four races were held on Friday in warm weather and changing winds, one on Saturday evening and the event ended on Sunday with 4 really high quality races with wind from 15 to 20 knots.

The Fischer CZE 686 team with David Křížek on the helm and Zdeněk Adam on crew position was the most successful of all participants.

After minor problems with setting up the boat at the beggining of the race, this team managed the rest of the race without a mistake. They won five races and deservedly won the title of Champion of the Czech Republic. During the last races Petr and Raphael Frehland, GER 118, fought against them in stronger winds. This team won 2 races and stand on tje second place in the overall standings.
They were faster with a gennaker on the downwind legs.
An experienced team from YC Kovářov, CZE 50, Milan Chlebna / Jiří Pavliš took the third place. They managed to win one race and keep their medal position with a good performance. The biggest duel took place with the crew Zdeněk Pavliš / Klára Pavlišová from YC Kovářov on boat CZE 62. The medal was decided in the last race. YC Kovářov’s ship CZE 72 was also in the medal position for two days. Michaela Pavlišová and her brother Mark won the first race. They had a great time with less wind. On the last day, they decided not to start in the strong wind and lost from the crew František Němec / Jiří Rod on CZE 24 from ALT Tornado.

The youngest participant was the eleven-year-old Štěpán Beneš on CZE 9, who together with his father Petr from the homeeam formed another family team and became the best crew with a boat with aluminum mast.

Dramatic situations were also observed in the race. Four ships capsized, twice the crew fell out of the ship, minor material damage. In this context, it is necessary to highlight the achievements of the children’s participants Štěpán, Marek and Klára and to honor the achievements of Petra, Jana, Nicole, Michaela, who did not have an easy time with their male partners.

In addition, the organization team of YC Jestřábí must be thanked for the excellent work and the facilities provided, the judjes and the rescue team for their work on the water. The race took place under the auspices of the Czech Sailing Federation, which financially supported the race, and Prefa Hubenov also provided financial support.

Another international regatta for the Tornado class will take place in Lipno this year. The organizer is YC Kovářov and will take place on the weekend from August 29 to 30, 2020. Many participants of the championship will come back to the race and the foreign teams are also invited. Whoever is interested can try a catamaran trip!

Results – 12 boats: 1st CZE 686 Křížek David / Adam Zdeněk 9 points
2nd GER 118 Frehland Peter / Frehland Raphael 15 points
3rd CZE 50 Chlebna Milan / Pavliš Jiří 20 points

Link to the result of the race:https://www.tornado-class.org/results/2020-cze-nationals/    or  https://www.sailing.cz/vysledky/201311 


Report on behalf of ALT Tornado: Zdeněk Pavliš in German (Original report)
Translation for the Tornado class: Maria Tsaousidou in English

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