2019 Tornado Worlds in NZL

Are you ready to race in Takapuna, Auckland?

Find all information here: https://www.tworlds2019.com/

For any request, contact directly Wayne Limbrick multihullers@gmail.com, Tel: +64 27 496 5299

or secretary@www.tornado-class.org

Information regarding transportation from Europe (contact Josef Gunkel josef.gunkel@gunkel-elektro.com)

Aaron Duncan and Bill Caunce have organized to get cost-free containers and cost free sea transport from Europe to New Zealand for the 2019 World championship.

We only have to pay the loading and transportation from the place where we load the Containers, to the

Corresponding Sea-port and from Auckland to the regatta place –and back again-.

We estimate the costs for this Land-transports –both ends- for approx.3.500-4.000.-€ per Container.

This means, the transport costs for one boat will be round about 500.-€ only.

Wa can load approx.. 6-max 9 boats per Container.

We will load the boats into the Container just after the Europeans, at the beginning of October.

Latest mid of October, the containers have to be transported to the sea port.

The containers will be located for loading in Füssen, at the sailing Club SCFF.

Everybody who wants to participate at the worlds in NZL, has to bring his boat to this place.

We have to make a carnet, to give a bank guarantee, and to make the customs clearance.

So it is much more easier to have all the Equipment and containers on one place to do this job.

At the moment, we estimate 2 container for all boats of Europe.

To check how many container we need, and to advise Aaron to organize the whole thing with MAERSK,

we should know asap, (within the next two weeks, if possible) who wants to go to NZL.

Please give –per email to the underneath mentioned email-Adress- asap your acceptance: Josef Gunkel


After your acceptance, you will receive a cost note for a down payment of the costs and a bank account with IBAN and BIC to transfer the money.

After the Worlds and after having all costs written, a detailed cost-list will be send to each participant and we will make a final balance ( May/June next year)

Procedure of Carnet/Customs:

The carnet has to be done in Germany together with the Industrial trading chamber (in this case: of Schwaben)

They will insure also the container and the total value of the boats and Equipment.

Therefore the transport/carnet has to be organized with a company, which is member oft the trading chamber.

(this will be gunkel-elektro company).

The bank account for your downpayments therefore will be a bank account of our company.

For one third of the total value of the container and its boats, the trading chamber will ask for a bank guarantee.

We (gunkel-elektro) will supply this bank guarantee(s) to the trading chamber.

Then the transport can be done.

It’s a bit complicated but it worked for the WC in Perth 2014, quite good.

If, maybe you can organize a complete container for one country (France, Greece,  Italy or  UK) you can do this

also for your own, but then you have to make the customs clearance/carnet on your own resposibility. Please inform then Aaron in order to send the container.

Probably its easier to have all the customs/boats in one hand, and do it as suggested.

Loading lists:

Please note that we need for each boat a loading list where you note all your equipment, which has to be transported.


There shall be no wooden parts transported (boxes, beams a.s.o)

If possible NO hull covers ( NO grass dust and dirt in the Klett/ cover)

Each equipment has to be clean, mast with dismantled spreaders

See a sample of our last Carnet to Perth: Carnet backside

And a loading list for your information Sample Loading List


1.: please send Josef your acceptance for the NZL Worlds, and your contact data (email, mobile phone, Address, a.s.o) asap!

2.: after your acceptance we keep in touch with you.

3.: Please inform also all interested Tornado-Sailors


Please help us to get as much participants as possible and forward this to your friends.


Contact your local OCP Rep for further information. cialis price Pack Size: g and 15kg pail.