2018 Tornado Worlds – Day 3

Wednesday, 11 July

Third day of racing.
Same color for the sky over La Grande Motte: light blue without any cloud, same color for the sun, and same color for the sea: blue-green.
The change came from the temperature: 28° instead of 34° on Tuesday were expected for the afternoon which means probably a thermal wind lighter than the day before.

4th Race :

After one hour of delay and the crews clearly informed by the Race Committee and waiting ashore, race 4 started with 8 to 10 knots of wind.

Competitors were very close one to the others, nervous, and rush to the pennant side of the starting line. GRE 1, GER 44 and FRA 15 started too early. Beside GRE and FRA come back rounding the pennant boat, GER went on sailing. Ranked as OCS.

In this kind of winds, which increased  to 10-12 during the second lap, and on a flat sea, GRE 1 is much faster compared to the other competitors. They crossed the 1st downing gate with a clear lead, which increased during the race.
After 1 hour and 1 minute of racing GRE wins with more than 2’ over the second: ITA 46 sailing a superb race, and keeping that position from the first rounding of mark N°1.  AUS 3 (third) gained one place over the mixed crew of GER 11 during the last downwind leg.

5th Race :

10 minutes after the arrival of the last boat, attention signal for Race N°5 was given. That time the boats, spreaded along the starting line much more vigilant. The start was clear.

At the end of the 1st lap, GRE 1 leads with respectively AUS2 and AUS3 about 50 meters on her back.

AUS 2 and AUS 3 never succeeded to make a break over the other, and AUS 2 was the best.

FRA 002, 8th and 5th that Wednesday, looses one place at the provisional overall ranking from GER 11!

Superb party for the dinner, the crews are invited by the local organization to a dinner on a boat cruise on a canal from the city of Le Grau du Roi to the ancient city of Aigues Mortes, surrounded by original rampart. 5 centuries ago, the city was close to the sea and is now about 6km on shore, due to the sediments of “Rhône” river.

5 race are completed, so Thursday the reserve day will be a rest day. Time for the sailors to gain their strength back and enjoy a visit to the vineyard and participate in a wine degustation followed by a local lunch.

More to come on Friday..

Report by PRO: Paul Bastard

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