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Windrush Approved as Tornado Boat Builder

Windrush are now ISAF approved to build the Tornado Catamaran from their factory in Western Australia.

Tornado Boat Builder

Based in Perth, Western Australia Windrush Yachts are now an ISAF approved Tornado boat builder.

Windrush Yachts

After many months of discussion with ISAF Brett Burvill now has the paper work to not only build the Tornado catamaran but to also be able to certify the boats in house.

2014 World Championships

Black Beauty 2 in Perth for the 2014 World Championships

Many of you would have seen the Windrush boats, they first appeared in 2010 in Travemunde and World Champion Danny Paschalidis was impressed with the quality and stiffness of the boats. Since then there have been many others and in 2013 Black Beauty appeared in Ibiza AND IT WAS FAST!

Windrush Tornado - Black Beauty

Black Beauty 1 in Ibiza

The boat was sold at the end of the event to class President Jurgen and his wife Sarah. Black Beauty 2 then appeared just in time for the AUS championships which started in 2014. That boat then went onto finish 2nd place in the World Championships, a proven prototype! Production boat number 1 is under way for a new German owner, who will be number 2?

The Price

22k Euro + applicable taxes complete and fully rigged as per Black Beauty 2 incl standing and running rigging but without mast and sails.

About Andrew Dowley

Andrew was the ITA Secretary from 2010 until 2014 and is now the Chairman of the UK Class. He is also the crew onboard GBR 415 sailed from Marconi Sailing Club, Essex, UK.
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