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Tuning Guide

Darren Bundocks Secret Settings Revealed!!

Tip Measurement Explanation
1 Mast Rake 5cm down the stern Swinging trapeze from top of bridle tang to stern of boat
2 Rig Tension 36 on Silver Loose Gauge, 27 on Black Loose Gauge
3 Rotation Pointing to back of centreboard case for single trapezing and above. To side stay for light winds
4 Spreader Rake 40mm
5 Diamond Tension 44 on Silver gauge, 38 on Black gauge
6 Spinnaker Pole Height 9140mm For Gran Segal Spinnaker, measured from halyard block to pole tip
7 Spinnaker Sheeting Position 3rd tramp hook from front beam
8 Main Beam Pre Bend 14mm
9 Rudder Toe In 3mm
10 Jib Car 38cm Light Wind, 41cm Medium Wind, 44cm Heavy Wind From centre of jib track
Bonus!! Cunningham Jib – Wrinkles before single trapezing. Jib – No wrinkles once trapezing and above. Main – Wrinkles to full stretch double trapeze. Windy – Hard as you can pull
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