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Travemunder Woche 2013

Report from David Gunkel, ITA Treasurer.

We have just finished the Travemuender Woche Tornado Regatta. What a great event. We started on Friday on the SAP media racecourse. We had 4 short races with light to medium wind conditions. Everybody was given GPS trackers onboard. A helicopter was doing the pictures from the air and also some cameras on boats were also available. The races have been shown live in the media tent in the middle of the big party mile.

On Saturday we had another four races in medium wind conditions. However these were held on track alpha and not on the media race course.

On Sunday there was too much wind (about 26-33 knots)!  So we had no further races for the event.

Besides the races a big festival was there with a lot of booths, beer tents, dance floors and beach parties. So in total a great event with good wind and party.

The organisers have also offered to have a European Championship or German Championship next year built in with in this event.

2013 Tornado Travemunde Woche Results

About Andrew Dowley

Andrew was the ITA Secretary from 2010 until 2014 and is now the Chairman of the UK Class. He is also the crew onboard GBR 415 sailed from Marconi Sailing Club, Essex, UK.
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