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The European Championships 2023 are over!

On the last day of the European Championship 2023 at Lake Achensee, the sailors faced challenging conditions, just like on the previous days. The wind was blowing from the north and alternated between strong gusts of up to 18 knots and light winds of 6 knots.

Wind shifts as well as the close points difference on the last day promised the competitors a highly exciting finish in the 5th and 6th race. They also required the competitors to constantly adjust strategies and courses where every tactical decision decided the outcome.

After the races, the award ceremony took place at 6:30 pm, where the winners of the 2023 European Championship were announced:


1st place: Trecul Yoann and Ferrand Thomas
2nd place: Steiner Marcel and Steiner Ben
3rd place: Kohlendorfer Angelika and Claus Calvin
4th place: Betz Markus and Betz Nikolas
5th place: Jentsch Jürgen and Albl Johannes

Mixed classification:

1st place: Kohlendorfer Angelika and Claus Calvin
2nd place: Pavlis Zdenek and Pavlisova Klara
3rd place: Coppens Jan and Coppens Marie
4th place: Salzmann Dietmar and Salzmann Silvia
5th place: Weindl Thomas and Klaunig Birgit

The sailors were enthusiastic about the organization of the event and praised the professionalism in all areas both at sea and on land. Lake Achensee presented a unique challenge.

The European Championship at the Achensee ended with the award ceremony. The sailors are looking forward to the upcoming World Championship in Dervio on Lake Como.

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