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Here are a few questions which we get asked a lot, hopefully this information will help you out too.

» Where can I obtain a copy of the plans to build a Tornado?

ISAF hold these plans, you need to speak to them about getting a copy.

» What’s the PY number of a Tornado?

It’s 644 for a Sport boat.

» How can I convert my classic Tornado into a sport?

Here are some great photos to help you out, these show each part of the boat and what needs to be changed.

The extra bits you will need are:

  • Self tacking jib track
  • Sport jib
  • Kite pole
  • Kite chute
  • Downward support for pole from forestay
  • Kite
  • Block for the top of the mast
  • Bridle wires for the chute

» What’s the length of Tornado trapeze wires?

The wire should be 6.7m in length which takes you from the mast down to the block which allows you to adjust your height. From there the adjusting rope is usually around 1.5m but this is down to personal preference.

» Where can I find a tuning guide for my classic Tornado?

Roland Gaebler Classic Tornado Tuning Guide

» How do I find a representative in my country?

Here are the class associations across the World which we know about.

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