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RIP Paul Elvstrøm

7th Dec 2016

One of the World’s greatest sailor passed away.

He participated in 8 Olympic games and was the first one who won four gold medals in four consecutive Olympic games. (1948-1960)

In 1984 and 1988 Olympics, Elvstrøm and his daughter, Trine, were the first Tornado mixed crew and the only father/daughter crew to have competed together at the Olympics.

Trine and Paul Elvstrøm were European champions in our class in 1983-84.

In total, Paul Elvstrøm won 11 world championships in 7 different classes.

He was not only a sailor, but also a pioneer in sailing. Elvstrøm swim-vest, the self-bailing bailer, Elvstrøm sails, racing rule and yachting books are some of the imprints he left to the sailing world.


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