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Marstrom Tornado Carbon Mast

The International Tornado Class (ITA) have arranged a great deal for members of the class where we can offer a large discount on the price of a new Carbon Mast from Marstrom.

One mast including the VAT is usually 54826SEK which is about €6340. If we can get 10 mast or more in one order at the same time we can arrange a discounted price of €4924.

If you’re interested, please email with your details. You will be required to order and pay a deposit to Marstrom.

Please note, this is only available to members of the ITA. Find out more about tornado class membership.

About Andrew Dowley

Andrew was the ITA Secretary from 2010 until 2014 and is now the Chairman of the UK Class. He is also the crew onboard GBR 415 sailed from Marconi Sailing Club, Essex, UK.
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