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For Sale/Wanted

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Wanted (11 May 2023)
Old Tornado or Stampede for loving home. 
For pure pleasure, doesn't need to be current or competitive. 
Must have at least hulls, centerboards, rudders, crossbeams, mast, and
These major components must be in working condition. 
I can come up with rigging, trapezes, blocks, ropes, etc. 
Beach dolly/wheels, spares, and/or trailer greatly appreciated. 
Needs to be relatively inexpensive. 
I live and sail in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
I am willing to travel throughout southern Ontario and the American north
Any offers or leads appreciated. 
Thank you. 
+1 416-979-7727 talk/text 

For sale (26 Apr 2023)

For Sale: Super-fast special build Eales Tornado 2006

This unique Tornado was built by Graham Eales especially for British Olympic competitor (Beijing 2008) William Howden. This carbon tornado is super light and super-fast. The hull shape has been slightly modified within the class rules, making the catamaran much faster than a Mastrom, especially downwind, without losing speed upwind. This is proven by the fact that William Howden won the 2006 European Championships with this catamaran and won the last Tornado Olympic medal race with one of his two other sister boats. This tornado was the reserve boat as evidenced by various Olympic participation stickers on mast and rudders, among others.

The Tornado is equipped with all possible class-legal trim options, all of which can be operated from the trapeze. Naturally, luff, mast rotation and leech of the mainsail can be trimmed, but also the luff of the jib. The release of the luff of the spinnaker is operated by the helmsman. The tornado is equipped with a super light Eales spinnaker launcher for extremely fast hoisting and lowering of the spinnaker.

The mast and beams are Mastrom.

The Tornado comes with 2 sets of racing sails. These sails were specially developed by William Howden for the Beijing Olympics.

Set 1:

Super light weather set (grey) for wind range 1-3 BF. This set is super sensitive, with the right trim every gust of wind is instantly converted into speed. Above 3 BF, this set starts to bite and the wind is no longer converted into more speed. The jib is fitted with 2 zips on the luff, allowing optimal adjustment of the jib trim to wind conditions.

Set 2:

Power set (white) for wind range from 3 BF. This set is my favourite. With the right trim, this set is perfectly controllable from 3BF onwards. If you are daring, you can still go full throttle up and downwind (with spinnaker) at 7 BF. The jib is fitted with 2 zips on the luff, allowing optimal adjustment of the jib trim to wind conditions.


1 x Zucolli (2010)

1x Grandsegel mark 4

Including matching cattrack with tornado scales and balloon tyres.

Price: € 12.500,-

Optionally available with a simple trailer without box on which the tornado can be transported disassembled.

More information by phone from Paul Busé +31 649356414. (I have the most time for you in the evening).

The Tornado is located in the Netherlands.

For sale (25 Apr 2023)
Tornado Class catamaran

Price 3850 euro

Catamaran is in very good condition, in 2017 hull was professionally renovated also new rudder blades, gennaker, new ropes and Harken/Holt/Ronstan deck hardware mainsail and jib in new trim rail for self-tacking jib (2018)4 x Dyneema trapeze (2018)Trampoline (2018) launching trolley and boat trailer (registered with GVW 500 kg) included

Contact: Bartosz Szymik

For sale (22 Feb 2023)

Tornado Equipment – GER 2111 Jib, OS3, Euro500,-1 Jib, OS3 Euro 700,-1 Jib Ashby North sails (like new) Euro 850,-1 Jib, North Sails by Santiago Lange, Euro 400,-1 Gran Genaker, blue 2016, good condition

Euro 950,-1 Boat-Cover, blue

Euro 650,-

Contact: Jürgen Jentsch, Tornado GER 211 Tel.+49171-3619869


For sale (11 Jan 2023)

Tornado platform incl. mast

This includes Hulls (epoxy) incl. Swords
Inclusive Marstrom beams, Jib traveler, Jib blocks, mainsheet travelerTrampolineSailspar Mast, Boom & spi-pole, snuffer ring, wiringExtra Sword (never used)8 Easy Adventures for Hikers of All Fitness Levels andriol for sale This throwback video of John Abraham planking is major fitness goalThe boat was manufactured at the price is 900,00 EuroBoat is located in storage near Amsterdam NetherlandsTel + 31 6 416

For sale

Gennaker North sails for tornado sport in good condition, euro 900, available in Rimini, or in Cesenatico for European.For information:

For sale
3 sets of sails(US Mylar Ripstop + U-Sails + an older sail), 3 trampolines, Tornado trailer
with slip trailer,  more than complete, in top conditions
VB €   2700,–
Contact Rudi Stüger <>

For sale (22 Feb 2023)
Tornado Equipment – GER 211
1 Jib, OS3, Euro500,-
1 Jib, OS3 Euro 700,-
1 Jib Ashby North sails (like new) Euro 850,-
1 Jib, North Sails by Santiago Lange, Euro 400,-
1 Gran Genaker, blue 2016, good condition Euro 950,-
1 Boat-Cover, blue Euro 650,-
Jürgen Jentsch,Tornado GER 211

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