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For Sale/Wanted

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For sale Marstrom Tornado of Roel de Groot
9.000 € - Negotiable
For sale in excellent condition
Carbon mastSails and complete boat in very good condition.
Α sweet water boat
Contact: Eric van der Rijt on Facebook.

Φωτογραφία του Eric van der Rijt.


The UK Olympics Boat(2008) for sale  (Graham Eeles)

Olympia 08

The boat (built 2007 Graham Eeles Hull Number 2) is in very good condition.

The boat comes with:

2x Carbon Masts incl. covers

2x Boom

2x Snuffer (Graham Eeles) 1x Cover

1x Beach Trolley with big wheels

3x Main Sail (Landenberger, Ullman, OS 3)

4x Jib (Landenberger, Gran, Ullman, OS3)

4x Gennaker (Gran)

1x Hull Covers (Cat Sailing)

1x Full Cover (Cat Sailing)

And many Spare Parts

Price for all: 23.800,-€   (to be discussed)

The Boat is located in Germany (59519 Möhnesee)

More Info:

Late 2002 Marstrom

2002 Marstrom Tornado FOR SALE

Professionally striped and Resprayed by Brett at Windrush in 2014. Not a scratch or ding on it. Brand new black Mastrom beams 2014
Brand new exploder rudder boxes and rudders 2014
Mast striped and new clear coat 2014

Brand new trampoline
Only the best fittings using Harken and Spinlock
Fully tapered and spliced lines
All new rigging 2014
2 sets of Main and Jib by Ashby. One Race set and one Club set new in 2014 1 near new Ulman kite
1 not so new but nice Ulman kite
2 G.S. used kites.
New pole with new soft bag
Beach wheels.
Full fitted boat cover
and rear hull supports
and hull covers

Not a dollar has been spared on this boat and it will be delivered to its new owner race ready and fast, not a dollar to spend.

We have just won the West Aussie States where we won all but 1 of the 5 heats. The boat also won most races at the 2014 Perth worlds and would done better overall if it not for the idiot driving it!

Available after the Lindau 2016 Tornado Worlds in Germany

Price: 14000 – 16500 Euro or 11000 – 13000 GBP (Depending on sail combination)

For more photos or info please call or email: Gavin Colby

Tornado USA 823 For Sale

Built by Denniger and Maile (Germany). Hulls are from 1987. Total upgrade in 2005, Marstrom carbon mast, new trampoline, new sails. Partially carbon spinnaker sprit. All standing rigging and running rigging in excellent condition.

Solid boat that deserves more sailing than I have time for. Great opportunity to get a very fast boat at a reasonable price.

Boat is located in Corvallis, OR

Road trailer offered separately, $1,500. Can be tilted to stay within legal road width without taking boat apart.

Contact: Roeland, +1-541-619-0221

Visit website for photos:

For Sale AUS 8

2007 boat and won the Worlds with Bundock and Ashby in 2007
Marstrom Hull Number 705
This boat has had relatively little use and is underweight
This boat is currently in Perth.
Comes with:
A good set of Ashby sails – main and jib – these sails won the Worlds in 2009 – I use these for club racing as they’re still good and fast!
A good Grad Segal kite
An old Ashby “947″ main sail with Ashby battens
Ullman sails – practically brand new main, jib and kite – the previous owner bought these and they’ve only been used about ten times
Brand new Ullman sails – ‘brand new’ main, jib and kite – these will be used only for about six races in the Worlds in Perth (injury prevented me sailing all the races) so they are as good as brand new
The hard and soft Ullman batten options as per their tuning guides – main and jib
All sail bags etc.
A ‘regular’ carbon tiller extension PLUS a Bundock carbon fibre telescopic tiller extension
Spare rigging – shrouds, forestay, strops, trapeze lines etc.
Much of the running rigging, ropes and elastics are being replaced prior to the Worlds and the boat has only been on the water once since
New pulleys and cleats
A spare main block - Marstron Carbon type AND Fredricksen type
Spare cleats for alternative jib sheet system
Spare carbon spinnaker chute forestay strops
Spare Marstrom carbon mast rotator
New toe loops and anti-slip on hulls
Brett Burvill touched up any paint chips when the boat arrived in Australia but the boat has very very little use so it’s nearly as good as brand new
Rudder covers
TWO whole boat covers including a brand new custom cover – made from Top Gun high-specification sun resistant material – covers ain’t cheap as you know!
Graham Eeles carbon chute and cover
Double-sized rear hull supports
Marstrom launching trolley
Other spares, for instance, a spare carbon mast rotator etc.
Tel: +61 (0) 45 1953001

Tornado AUS8 For Sale


SUI 226-01 SUI 226-02 Trailer 01 Trailer 02







Moving back to Europe, selling Tornado and Trailer.


1998 Marstrom, Carbon mast, Landi Bowsprit

Mostly sailed in freshwater

weight: 158 kg (measured @2014 worlds)

including: 1 set of sails, Ullman one Design Main and Jib, Landenberger Spi

1:12 mainsheet, boom-internal

1:16 cunningham

1:6 jibsheet

mastrotation on top of boom

10,500 AUD neg

Minimal work required to get it Swiss-perfect again:

Replace some of the Tramp hoks, sew footstrap back onto tramp, replace 1 or 2 centreboard gaskets


Light trailer, fits 2 Tornados, very easy driving, QLD rego

<750kg GTM, unbreaked

lightboard with LED lights

750.- AUD neg

Can be sold separately.

CONTACT for enquiries, more details:
Stefan, tel: 0415 44 888 9

Tornado Sails For Sale

-  Half season used 1D OneDesignSails fathead pentex tornado mainsail (not class legal, but great machine against the F20 carbons.) 800€
- 1D OneDesignSails Tornado mainsail pentex crosscut FLX class legal mainsail used one regatta only, great as new: 800€
- 1D OneDesignSails Tornado jib never used smoke pentex radial (same as Brett  Burwill got 4th on the Worlds) 450€
- 1D OneDesignSails Tornado Gennaker never used grey (same as Brett  Burwill got 4th on the Worlds) 700€
- 1D OneDesignSail Tornado trampoline used one weekend 600€
- Carbon mast for Tornado 3500€
Contact Marton:, phone: +36305863737



Tornado Sails

Sails for Sale from Team Gaebler

Tornado Sail for Sale

Email for more information

For Sale



Carbon Mast €3.500

Hulls with beams plus dolly €4.000

Extra beams €500 each

Two rudders with blade €400

Two centerboards €300 each

Two carbon spinnakers with the base €500 each

One jib traveller €300

Two trampolines €150 each

One aluminium mast €500

All available for €6000

For more info contact Dimitrios Theodorakis
Mob +306974374845

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