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Excellent Tornado competition on the Chiemsee lake

Last weekend 29.04.-01.05.2016 the Open Tornado German Championship was held on the Chiemsee lake. Fraueninsel island was hosting competitors from six countries: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland and Australia. The competition was scheduled for 3 days and 8 races were planned. However, there were only two racing days, due to lack of wind on Sunday. Sunny weather and the various wind conditions, from weak to moderate wind with strong gusts, make sailing demanding and exciting.


Champion title was again gained by German team Roland Gaebler and Nahid Gaebler. Jürgen Jentsch (Germany) and Konstantinos Trigonis (Greece) were the second, and Bob Baier and Marc Baier (Germany) the third. In the mixed crews, Roland Gaebler and Nahid Gaebler took the first place. Second were Zbigniew Piekarski and Ewa Gorska from Poland, and the third – Germans Willi Guggenmos and Claudia Guggenmos.


“The whole event – racing, organisation and hospitality of the local club and inhabitants – was excellent. The competition was strong, most participants were experienced Tornado sailors, including multiple World and European champions, Olympians, and even bronze Olympic medalist from Sydney. ” – says one of the Polish competitors. – “Participants are grateful to all those who hosted them on this beautiful island, especially the people from Yacht Club Wassersportverein of Fraueninsel.  Their nice dinners and delicious snacks while waiting for the wind are unforgettable.”

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Thanks to Ewa Gorska for the report.

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