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2017 World Championships




Event documents:

In case the competitor’s family and friends would like to attend the Gala Dinner on the 2nd of September, they are required to register at the secretary office as soon as possible.

Recommended restaurants

After a hard day on the waters, enjoy your meal in our recommended restaurants!
Some of them are very close to the venue and offering sailors’ menus at little cost.
For further information, link to their logos and …

Kali oreksi!

 karabournou LOGO GIALOS


Esperides (2)





Ferry connection Italy – Greece

There are 2 possible routes when traveling with the Ferry from Italy.

Venice – Igoumenitsa, is the least tiring route that suits almost everybody, besides it is a bit more expensive and time-consuming.

Ancona – Igoumenitsa, is a cheaper and quicker option with more connection days.

Igoumenitsa is 320km far from Thessaloniki through a highway.

Ferry Companies

Super fast, Minoan, Anek lines

Club website:



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