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Eurocat 2017 update

Please find below the 2nd Eurocat newsletter.
You’ll read some of the adjustments that the Yacht club Carnac is looking at to keep an interesting regatta.

The format of races is changing!
We organise a new format of races: Constructed courses like coast course. The Race Committee will be able to use natural marks, instead of buoys. It will save time for the race preparation.

The benefits:
. More time sailing
. Less waiting time between each race

Price cut for entry fees

Young (less under years of age Adult
in 2017
in 216
in 2017
in 2016

RSS 2017-2020
This month: Rule n°31 extract
The concept of « support person »2 now appears and is totally integrated into the fundamental rules.
The support person agrees:
–          To accept the RSS 2017-2020
–          The penalties imposed and other action taken under the rules…
Each competitor:
–          Agrees that such support persons are bound by the rules
–          Ensures they are aware of the rules…

1 Consult the entire rule n°3 in the Racing Rules of Sailing by World Sailing
2Support Person Any person who:
(a) provides, or may provide, physical or advisory support to a competitor, including any coach, trainer, manager, team staff, medic, paramedic or any other person working with, treating or assisting a competitor in or preparing for the competition, or
(b) is the parent or guardian of a competitor.

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