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Day One and Two – Interesting wind conditions on Lake Biel

2011 MCM Tornado World Championships – Interesting wind conditions on Lake Biel

Mixed Multihull Sailing38 teams from 11 nations are waiting to battle it out for this year’s Tornado World Championships on Lake Biel in Switzerland this week.

Racing was due to start on Wednesday but interesting wind conditions have prevented any races from taking place so far.

Stormy winds on day one forced the race committee after two attempts to postpone racing. Day two produced the opposite with winds between 2 and 4 knots.

The race team have Friday to Saturday to run the championship races; ten races are ideal but at least four are necessary for a valid World Championships.

Four of last year’s top 5 teams are at this year’s event hoping to improve on their results from last year. Current World Champions Roland and Nahid Gaebler are hoping to hold off the Greek team of Iordanis Paschalidis and Konstantin Trigonis who took victory winning all races in the 2010 European Championships.

More to come tomorrow.Catamaran Mixed Sailing


All courtesy of Martina Barnet

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