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Day 4 – Worldchampionship 2023

The fourth sailing day of the 2023 World Championship took place in perfect conditions: Wind speeds of 8 – 15 knots took place. The planned two races were sailed. Also on this day the team – Yoann Trecul and his crew Thomas Ferrand from France was unbeatable.

With tactical skill and outstanding performance, the French duo mastered both races. By tomorrow’s final, Trecul and Ferrand had won a total of seven races and only one second place. A truly remarkable achievement…

The participants were able to round off the successful day in a fitting manner at the subsequent gala dinner. 

The crowning glory of the evening was undoubtedly the spontaneous appearance of Joseph Bennett, better known as “Joyrider”. The helmsman of Team GBR 2 thrilled the sailors with rousing live music and ensured an unforgettable evening.

A look at the results list so far promises a highly exciting finale for tomorrow. On the places 2 to 4 SUI 225 with Steiner Marcel and Jörg Steiner, SUI 232 with Jean-Marc Caunillion and Gloor Michael as well as the Austrian team Angelika Kohlendorfer and Calvin Claus deliver a close duel, as they are equal on points going into the final for the front places. The tension rises…


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