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Ballot. Mainsail Identification – Committee elections

This is a ballot regarding 2 changes of the Tornado Class rules and its constitution.
Voting starts on the 22nd of July 2016 23.59 UTC and ends on the 31st of August 2016 23.59 UTC.
In order your vote to be valid you have to be a member of the ITA.

The first question refers to the identification of the mainsail, paragraphs A.10 and C.10. 2 of the Class Rules 2015. After many proposals of both the sailors and the committee members in the last Annual General Meetings, it was agreed to proceed with a ballot with the structure of the mainsail as described bellow.

To add a point: A.10.5 Positioning of the national letters and sail numbers as it described in Appendix D of the class rules and the RRS:Appendix G.

The Class insignia, national letters and sail numbers shall comply with the RRS Appendix G except where specified otherwise in Appendix D of this document.
i. All teams when racing in the Tornado World Championships and Continental Championship events shall display their national flag. The flag shall be positioned on the starboard side of the mainsail on the 4th panel above from the tack point of the sail for the 8-batten sails and on the 5th panel above from the tack point of the sail for the 9-batten sails as much to the center of the panel as possible and as described in the Appendix D.
ii. The National Flag shall be corresponding to the Country Code displayed.

APPENDIX D to be voted
The second question refers to point 13.1.a of the Tornado class Constitution. As the Annual General Meetings take place during the World championship of each year, it happens that Committee members have to be elected every 9 months without taking the opportunity to offer their best to the class. So the following change is proposed in the constitution. Point 13.1 to be as follows:

13.1.Terms of Office
a. The ITA Committee including the President shall retire every two years at the Annual General Meeting with all the members of the previous Committee remaining eligible for re-election.

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Special thanks to Stella Papaioannou, architect, for her work on the mainsail graphs.

In case you have any questions, contact

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