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2021 Tornado Worlds Day 3

3 races were successfully completed today with a northwest and really swifty wind of  6-10 knots, after yesterday’s lack of wind. The fleet got on the water at around 13hours.

The team of Trigonis and Kazatzis, GRE 7, conquered the day succeeding 3 bullets for the open category!

Similar was the status in the mixed one, with previous world championship Michaela Pavlisova and her 14 y.o. brother Marec Pavlis staying ahead in all the races, also standing on second overall.

Tomorrow, Friday, is the day off and sailors will have a tour with local guide in the historical part of Thessaloniki that will finish with eating and drinking greek delicacies!


Stay tuned for more action on Saturday.

Three more races are schedules with the next start  at 11.55hours local time.


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