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2019 Greek Nationals

The 2019 Tornado Greek Nationals took place between 15th-18th September, hosted by the Nautical club of Thessaloniki!

7 boats from 4 different sailing clubs participated in the event with half of them being newcomers  in the Tornado class.

5 races were completed in light wind conditions with Dany Paschalidis and Kostas Trigonis paper writings getting the lead to all but one races.

Second place goes to Nikolaos Mavros and Periklis Aidinidis, while on 3rd is Manos Aggelakis, on his maiden Tornado ride, who with the experience of Alex Tagaropoulos managed to score a bullet beside sailing with an aluminum mast!


The Nautical club of Thessaloniki has already started the preparations for next year’s Tornado World Championship with the dates TBA soon!


Prize giving ceremony photos,   Racing photos by Nikos Pantis

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